Throughout the years, I've learned to use technology at my favor. It also had influenced my path and that's why I currently work with digital assets, CRM, ETL's and whatnot.


When I was a kid, I got mesmerized by computers. I can still recall my first interaction with MS-DOS at 9 years old. I've been blessed enough to have my own PC since I was 17. I'm able to repair some of them by myself.


I've made my first Angelfire personal webpage around 1999, moved to Geocities and eventually got my own domain since 2003. I have developed a sense of search and find things and learn by myself thanks to Internet and their users.


"One thing led to another..." By creating my own website, I started to learn about HTML, CSS, then PHP, Javascript, MySQL... I've been able to develop my own simple webapps to make a survey, manage attendance to events, messages delivery to my old Nextel phone, and use software to reduce time and optimize my life or somebody else's.