Welcome to my webpage. I'm a marketer with a technologic background. I like to get to know the customers and create solutions for better communication, sell them products or services in an efficient way, or improve processes by listen to their feedback or by using data analytics.

I'm currently working in Business Intelligence. I've worked in CRM, Marketing, and Communications fields. Please see my resume to learn about all of my professional work.


As a Marketer, I'm interested in articles and news from industries and companies I have worked for, or that are relevant to me because I use their products or services. I can't see any branded communication without thinking what's behind the message anymore. I enjoy learning about business: from success stories to cautionary tales.


Throughout the years, I've learned to use technology at my favor. It also had influenced my path and that's why I currently work with digital assets and whatnot. I made my first webpage in 1999. Since then I've been able to develop my own web apps to make a survey, manage attendance to events, or apply technology to reduce time and optimize my life or somebody else's.


One of my passions is Music. I learned to play piano when I kas a kid. I've been published a couple of original and remixed songs. I've been DJing in social parties since 2001, and in some of my family and friends weddings. I got some gigs too at special events in public venues. I've performed on Twitch live weekly since 2020.