Welcome to my webpage. I'm a marketer with a technology background. I like to get in the process of get to know the customers and create solutions that optimize communication, sell them better products or services, or improve processes using feedback.

I'm currently working in Business Intelligence projects. I've working near +15 years in Healthcare Industry in areas such as CRM, BI, Marketing, Sales, and Corporate Communications.

Some things I've done as a professional:

  • Launched product websites, e-commerce, and other marketing digital initiatives.

  • Handled Customer care services and information via call center, mail, web, social media, and integrated it all in CRM systems, creating director level reports for decision making.

  • Served as leader in teams for projects, audits, certifications, training, among others.

Other areas in which I've collaborated:

  • Graphic design, branding & logo guidelines

  • Event planning and production

  • Photo, Audio & Video materials

  • Help desk implementations

  • ETL projects

  • DJing